How is Cortex different?

Cortex is a different kind of dental implant company because we go above and beyond what’s currently out there. We have products for dentists, made by dentists. We believe that this makes all the difference in the world because there is are different levels of expertise provided. We have key opinion leaders involved in the research and development, talking to us about what people want to see and what can be done to make our products unique. We have a team that consists of experts in periodontics, prosthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. This allows us to spend a considerable amount of time in research to develop more products that can be implemented immediately following a tooth extraction and that have better suitability between the implant and the bone for enhanced stability.

Is there a distributors program in place?

We have a distributors program in place that allows people in the dental industry to be involved as a distributor. We offer affordable dental implants and therefore it is easy to distribute Cortex products once becoming a part of our program. Find out more by going directly to our Cortex Distributors Program page.

How can I find out about various dental events taking place?

We have a Dental Events Calendar on our website that tells you about various events and conferences taking place around the globe. This can be used to tell you more about what’s going on within the industry. Many of the events and conferences have Cortex booths where you can see more about our innovative products and ask questions.