Cortex Guided Surgery

Cortex is obligated to follow the market in order to provide the best solutions and major abilities to the customers, hand by hand with the global digitalization and systematic optimization.


Therefore, we established a fully equipped in-house digital laboratory, which is based on the highest standards of quality, accuracy parameters and efficiency.


Cortex R&D team has developed a digital system that provides the clinician a fully digital work-flow, from virtual implant planning to final restoration, totally supported by 3Shape software (including a digital solution for immediate temporization on an angulated multi-units).


All surgical and prosthetic components design and fabrication provided by the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies, Stratasys 3D printer and Imes-Icore 350i Pro-load milling machine.


Cortex Digital and Guided Surgery System has been tested and validated by some of the leading doctors and KOL’s in the world, including Dr. Orlando Alvarez, Dr. Oscar Ramon, Dr. Borja Diaz and Dr. Alvaro Ordonez, which have reported that this is one of the most advanced and user-friendly systems in the Dentistry World today.

From virtual planning to final restoration

Guided surgery -  From virtual planning to final restoration

Cortex Digital System provides fully digital workflow for dentists.

Optimal precision and predictability all the way from virtual planning to immediate temporalization.

  • Accurate and safe.

  • Efficient surgical procedure.

  • Minimalizing chair time and number of appointments to the doctor’s clinic.
Virtual Case Planning

Virtual Case Planning

3D virtual implant planning software allows clinicians to make a complete pre-implant diagnosis and create a prosthetic driven surgery plan.

  •  Cortex Digital Lab support for virtual planning

  • Complete 3D data visualization in order to achieve real-time surgical and prosthetic driven case planning.

  • Online case sharing and communication with clinician.
Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

  • One universal kit for Cortex implant system, provides a full solution for all clinical constraints.

  • Guided surgery kit with a build in guiding cylinders and stoppers compatible with titanium sleeves, allows the clinician to perform a FULLY GUIDED spoon-less procedure.

  • Advanced drills design featuring: bone preserving geometry and External Irrigation pass to reduce the heat production during the drilling procedure.
CAD/CAM - Prosthetic Solution

CAD/CAM - Prosthetic Solution

Fully equipped in house laboratory, supported by Cortex CAD/CAM products wide line
  • Latest CAD/CAM technology is used to prepare a virtual Wax-up of the prosthetic solution allowing a prosthetic driven virtual implant planning.

  • Cortex top quality CAD/CAM system provides a full prosthetic solution for temporary and permanent restorations.

  • CAD/CAM products range includes: Scan-Bodies, Titanium-Bases, Titatium- Bases for One- piece Multi-Unit system & Titanium Pre-Mills.

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