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Digital Dentistry is the art of designing, planning and producing aesthetic and precise dentalrestorations using computers, milling machines, and 3D printers. It is becoming a routine in prestige dental practices and laboratories around the world.
Cortex Dental Implants Industries introduces its brand new, top quality CAD CAM products range, including Scan-Bodies and Titanium-Bases (As well as CEREC compatible Scan posts and Titanium Bases) for 2.4mm Internal Hex interface and Narrow, Regular and Wide Conical Platforms.
The accuracy and simplicity of Cortex CAD CAM System play a major role in creating precise restorations, simple and intuitive workflow and exceptional aesthetic results. In order to achieve such a high level of components, we established a fully equipped in-house laboratory, featuring state of the art Scanners, 3D printers, Production center and more.
This lab gives us the ability to develop, design and validates our superior quality products, as well as full support our valuable clients with any issues arising.
Scan Bodies
Scan Bodies are designed to transfer an ultra-precise location of the implant by means of optical scanning. A digital 3D model of the jaw and the implant is created containing all critical restoration parameters such as Implant position, Implant's Axis angulation, and Hexagon Buccal-Lingual orientation.
Using this 3D model together with CAD CAM software, designing and producing of IndividualAbutments, Screw Retained Crowns and Bridges, Bars and unlimited variations of Frame-Work, becomes intuitive and precise.

Main characteristics

  • Micro-Roughness for enhanced scanning contrast
  • Biocompatible – Titanium 6Al4V
  • Laser marking for platform identification
  • Asymmetrical geometric shape
  • Various CAD CAM systems compatibility
  • IntraOral/ExtraOral
  • Built-in screw

Titanium Bases

Titanium bases (Ti-Bases) are used as joining structures for ceramic restorations such as Hybrid Abutments and Screw Retained Crowns and Bridges. Cortex Ti-Bases are produced in accordance with our strict precision and quality standards, ensuring superior aesthetic results.

Our Ti-Bases inclusive range, available in different configurations and heights, provides full cover to all restorations techniques and cases for Individual Crowns (Engaged) and Multi-Teeth restorations (Non-Engaged).

Conical connection Ti-Bases include anodized connecting screw, compatible with the Implant's platform and in accordance with Cortex Conical connection color coding system.

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