Challenges for Dental Clinics

Global trends of our modern world require revaluation of business model for dental clinics. Trade rules are changing continuously, information is passing on faster and faster. Being a successful dentist is no longer enough in order to have a successful dental business. These days the dental environment is more complex and requires additional non-dental skills. The dentist have to be a magician, a marcom manager, a sales specialist and so forth…

The dental clinic is facing tough challenges on a daily basis, challenges such as:
  • Increasing difficulty to win loyal clients
  • Aggressive competition environment that includes other clinics, other dentists and major dental chains
  • Improving the profit of the clinic
  • Implementing an effective management strategy of the dental clinic
  • Acquiring knowledge of advanced marketing tools in the digital era
Package of Solutions

Package of Solutions

Cortex brings great and innovative dental implants products and digital solutions to clinics and practices worldwide. We give professional dentist the tools to become more professional. But we give more than great implants. Now we are giving more! We created a program called - Clinics by Cortex. Clinics by Cortex is a range of solutions packed in a pro-active program which has nothing alike in the dental industry.Clinics By Cortex program include:
  • Progressive business mentoring
  • Smart digital marketing
  • Clinical and practical education
  • Creative branding package

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