Nearly half of the people in the U.S are unhappy with how their teeth look. 64% of these people cite discoloration as the main reason of their unhappiness. Granted, a majority of these people keep their dental appointments, they brush every day and floss their teeth. However, even with such religious dental hygiene practices, they ended up with bad teeth. Here are 8 reasons why you should visit an oral dentist, even though you observe impeccable oral hygiene.

Genetic Predisposition
Dental sturdiness doesn’t boil down to dental hygiene. Granted, dental hygiene plays a big role with how our teeth look. However genetic predispositions affect our dental health. For instance, you may have a predisposition to tooth decay. No matter how hard you brush your teeth and visit the dentist, you’ll still suffer from tooth decay. That means sooner or later, you’ll need the services of a dental surgeon to give you implants. With implants, you enjoy a full, healthy smile.

Bite Problems
TMJ, short for temporomandibular joint disorder, is easily fixed with a visit to a dental surgeon. Corrective surgery fixes underbites and overbites, restoring normal bite functions. The surgery also gives a patient comfort, and added social confidence.

Wisdom Teeth
Most of the times, people don’t have extra space on their jaws to accommodate that extra teeth that sprouts in early adulthood. That’s what makes wisdom teeth so painful. A dental surgeon will remove the tooth and fixing the underlying gum better than an ordinary dentist.

Nearly 74% of all adults in the U.S have had a tooth removed. That leaves a gap behind, which can mess your dental chemistry up. The gap also feels uncomfortable, and it’s unattractive. A visit to a dental surgeon though resolves the problem permanently. Today, dental surgeons use CEREC crowns on implants which are fitted in a single visit.

Facial Trauma
If you’re involved in an accident that results in the loss of a few of your teeth, a visit to a dental surgeon will complete your smile. The surgeon fits implants where the gaps, strengthening your dental structure.

Let’s say you want your teeth to align perfectly. Being an adult, braces are out of the question. You need surgical procedure, may be several to have the teeth align, giving you a perfect smile.

Abnormal Growths Around the Mouth
Growths on the soft tissue around the mouth might be cancerous. Only an oral surgeon can perform the necessary biopsies to determine the nature of the growths.

Problems With Teeth Roots
Sometimes, teeth roots can get infected. When that happens, an oral surgeon conducts root canal therapy to remove the infection and stop it from spreading.