Tooth replacement is not a procedure anyone would wish for themselves, but owing to different circumstances such as gum disease trauma or tooth decay one may lose a tooth. The implications of all these are undesirable not only to a patient’s physical appeal but also affect how they normally talk and ability to chew properly.  A jawbone with a missing tooth will also be affected as it shrinks back with time eliminating their chances for a successful tooth replacement. 

The shrinking also affects the natural shape of a patient’s face which takes away a little bit of their picture-perfect smile. This makes them self-conscious around other people.  Tooth replacement is a quick and safe procedure that gives a jaw something to anchor and also lets an individual confidently wear a smile; no one is really fully dressed without a smile.  When advising patients on tooth replacement options there are multiple procedures to go through all of which are very functional and effective in maintaining dental health:  such include the installation of dental implants or dentures and also dental bridges.

Dentures are the cheaper option but have to be removed every other night to exercise hygiene practices which some patients find bothersome.  Being removable has the implication that they are not anchored on the jawbone hence they do not protect the jawbone from shrinking.  With time the dentures will not be able to fit as well as they initially did due to the alteration of shape thus creating the need for another dental procedure.

The Best dental implants are pricier than the dentures but come with a whole set of benefits.  They adequately secure the jawbone from shrinking as they are firmly secured into place. As a professional dentist your dental implant program should be very comprehensive fusing the implants into the bone to create maximum stability which serves patients for a lifetime. This is of course if they keep up with proper dental hygiene practices.  Another procedure at your disposal is the use of dental bridges. 

 These are prosthetic apparatus that adequately cover the area with the missing tooth. On either end of the gap, you should fix a crown then secure an artificial tooth to connect the two crowns to adequately fill the gap. This is sufficient to make your patients comfortably smile to the world whenever a contagious smile is needed to save the day.

Advantages and disadvantages of various tooth replacement options


  In the recent decade, there has been tremendous progress in technology as applied in dentistry. A dentist seeking distinction stays top of the field by keeping up with rising trends and seeking the most innovative dental solutions that offer maximum convenience to valued patients.

Dental implants are the most advisable as they offer patients long-term solutions for tooth replacement. They give a natural appeal and can be used for multiple dental complications including abscesses.  Dental implants have a very high success rate among dental patients and you can lead them to choose between porcelain and ceramic crowns. Chewing becomes effortless and a patient’s speech pattern stays articulate. Dental hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing are also simplified with the procedure. 

The downside to the implants as reported by most patients is that they are pricier than alternative tooth replacement options and they also require a surgical procedure which could take up to a few hours. The procedure is also not practical for all patients especially those with a jawbone disease or grind their teeth in their sleep.  For other patients, their jawbone entirely rejects the implants which could lead to infections.

Dental bridges involve a relatively simple procedure which does not take up much time.  They give a more natural appeal sustaining a patient’s facial tone by preventing facial musculature changes. They effectively prevent misalignment of teeth caused by the empty space and significantly reduce chances for gum disease only if one maintains proper hygiene.  They enhance the ability to be eloquent when speaking and also fix bite issues. 

The drawbacks of using dental bridges include increased tooth sensitivity in the initial weeks after installation, they are not recommended for smokers because they lead to bacterial infections, there are chances for cemented bridges getting loose and alter the natural structure for the two anchor teeth during installation.   

Most Recommendable Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants clearly stand out from other tooth replacement options because of their long-term benefits and effectiveness in maintaining oral wellbeing. For a patient who is conscious of their routine oral hygiene practices, dental implants will offer sustained service for their entire lives.  The most experienced dental practitioners will recommend dental implants as the first option to their patient sometimes claiming they take second place after natural teeth. 

 People who are good at creating first impressions do not take any chances with their teeth as they well know that personality is not the first thing that people take note of.  Dental implants have a 100% success rate of restoring the aesthetic value of a patient’s face.   This goes a long way to boost their self-esteem and how they express themselves in social circles.  This implies that when it comes to improving the quality of life after losing a tooth, dental implants are the best option a dentist can recommend.

Some patients will opt for alternative tooth replacement options such as dentures based on price consideration but in the long run, they will end up getting the dental implants when they realize they are less complicated to maintain.  Alternative tooth replacement options will not maintain the integrity of the jawbone which results to shrinking hence costing more to have their dentures adjusted to fit the shrinking jawbone.

Modern-day dentistry lets you offer patients a variety to choose from including titanium, stainless steel, cobalt chromium, nickel chromium, and even gold alloys for implants. The success of dental implants largely depend on various aspects of your health but usually has a success rate of over 95% making it one of the most demanded dental procedures in modern dentistry. 

When facilitated by our perceptive dentists, the implants offer extended support to adjacent teeth preventing them from shifting which would impede speech and chewing habits.   They are also very easy to clean and can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.  Quality dentistry always adds a little love to dental care with the knowledge that a patient’s beauty is power best expressed in the way they smile.

Tooth implant procedure

  • Dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, where they serve as the roots of missing teeth.Because the titanium implants fuses with bone by going through an osteointegration process, the implants will gain the required stability for future reconstruction,providing the patient the ascetics and the functionality back.
  • All implant placement procedures performed under anesthesia, requiring a site preparation and a surgical intervention process is finalize by a proper prostheticrehabilitation and periodic follow-ups according to the dentist’s recommendation.

Functional Tooth Replacement Options     Tooth Replacement Options


Q: My teeth are in rough condition because of lack of care in my younger years. They are now needing to be pulled out. Do I have any other options other than dentures?


A: You have the option of dental implants as well. They will place a peg in your gums. You have to allow for the healing time in this stage because it has to fuse to your gum network and bone. If the procedure is successful, then they can place screws there and literally screw teeth into your mouth. The dentist will let you know if you are a candidate for this surgery.


Q: I've had braces but my teeth are still embarrassing. Is there anything else I can do?


A: Some people have small teeth that are mishappen. You can get small chips sawed away, and the imperfections can be minimized. If you are still unhappy with your teeth, then you can get porcelain veneers. Most people are happy with the look of their smile after this procedure.