Dental Efficiency of CAD/CAM Range of Products

Among the premium range of dental products from Cortex Dental Industries the CAD/CAM range of products are definitely top of the line for modern dentistry. The Titanium bases including the CEREC compatible Scan posts commonly used for 2.4mm Internal Hex interface, the scan bodies and different sizes for conical platforms are all cutting edge solutions for digitized dental implant practice.
Cortex Dental strives to always stay steps ahead in the industry through consistent innovations. Enabling factors such as the state of the art laboratories, modernized scanners, 3-dimensional printers and other features in our industrious production areas have interpreted to immense value for proactive dentists.
Functional Basis for CAD/CAM
The scan components that work hand in hand with the system effectively map out the exact point for an implant through a thorough scan. The precise dimensions for different client’s dental orientation are matched by a 3D model generated from precise restoration parameters involving Hexagon Buccal-Lingual orientation, Implant's Axis angulation, and the exact position of the implant.
3D technology combined with CAD/CAM software simplifies the process of generating abutments for different complications, dental frameworks and developing crown or bridges with retained screws. Numerous dental instruments can be used to correct the mouth or jaw issue present to the patient as provided by Cortex CAD/CAM.
The CAD/CAM software equips the dentist with very vital information concerning the implant procedure and the best tools for the job. This is very strategic for modern dentists giving them the exact cutting feeds and the standard speed to keep the procedure safe. The software is designed with comprehensive tool data which means you can input your range of tools and select the most suitable one for a specific procedure.  This selection criteria from CAD/CAM allows you to have a personalized and optimized tool path.
In regards to the dental tool path as facilitated by CAD/CAM the main focus is mainly on 3D technology, drilling exact holes and programming of the entire procedure before moving to the implementation stage. The entire process entails the profiling stage, facing, contouring, pocketing and engraving among other dental obligations.
The system’s software works mainly through the post processor that gives precise NC code which guides the operation of the machine. The point of distinction for the Cortex Dental digital solution for dentists is the level of customization that dental practitioners get to enjoy. This means you have the discretion to program the CAD/CAM to align it to your style of practice to create an even better outcome.
Benefits of Cortex Dental CAD/CAM to Dentists
Other than fashioning a comfortable working environment to practice cutting edge dentistry, CAD/CAM technology saves dentists time in the different procedures which interpret to great value and profitability. It also creates assurances to patients with a huge success rate followed by a lesser recovery period for even the most complicated dental conditions.
Restoration operations that usually take a standard period of up to 3 weeks now only take 5 days with CAD/CAM solutions. The technology also helps you as a dentist to be intuitive in your professional practice with the ability to predict the final outcome for the entire procedure. Other than the natural appeal created for valued patients, the quality of work done is seamless!