In the competitive landscape of modern dentistry, finding a point of distinction from competitor dental institutions is highly lucrative. Having an advanced education background as well as accumulating years of professional experience is still not adequate if you lack access to premium resources suited to modern dental needs.

Cortex Dental is a pioneer in advancing dental practices in our current day and age offering practical solutions, especially for all dental implant clinical complications. We walk the extra mile in our innovation process to actualize the future of dentistry now!

What Makes A Dental Implant Unique

Dental implants are seen to be the most viable option for tooth replacement as they are able to offer sustained support for many years. In recent decades, however, not every patient qualified for dental implant procedures based on the nature of their complication.

Some had very weak jawbones which could not support the implant structure while other patients’ jawbones refused to integrate with the implants due to preexisting medical conditions or routine habits like smoking.

The best dental implants, however, are designed to work around such complications maintaining their efficiency in providing long term tooth replacement solutions. Take for instance the ultra-modern implant product line presented by Cortex Dental. Each category of implants is specialized to a certain clinical complication and so far the implants have maintained a perfect success score rate in proactive dental institutions.

Best Dental Implants

Custom-made Dental Implants

Innovation strategies that seek to enhance how dental implants function focus on achieving rock solid stability right from the jawbone. This is the primary function of any dental implant design. Implants featured in the Smart 1piece, Magix, Easy2Fix, Dynamix, Saturn or Classix category integrate a macro-geometry design hence yield better results in preserving the jawbone as they need less bone penetration to attain optimum firmness.

The outcomes for Cortex Dental Implants are very predictable especially when the procedures are facilitated by our futuristic digital solutions such as Guided Surgery. The best implants from Cortex Dental have an incredibly high torque insertion and account for even quicker recovery periods for immediate loading, immediate replacement, one stage, and even two-stage surgical approaches.

This is highly desirable to patients and makes your dental facility the most recommendable in your locality. Truth be told, a majority of people all across the world have reservations when it comes to visiting a dentist. Having strategic tools for every procedure, however, helps you capitalize on an expansive target market with your best practices. 

The secret behind the effectiveness of implants from Cortex Dental is in the structural design which boosts the surface area of individual implants 4 times over. This interprets to enhanced osteoconductivity on the surface of the implant and improved adhesion particularly to the fibrin filaments. Evidently, the most common feedback given for such products is faster integration with the jawbone.

  • The Saturn line of implant products is specialized for post-extraction situations
  • Magix is the ultimate drill-less implant for healthy jawbones
  •  Easy2Fix is also non-invasive for edentulous complications while the Classix
  • Dynamix and Smart 1Piece preserve your jaw bone quantity for optimal oral health.

why is this the best dental implant?

Q: Are dental implants painful?

A: Dental implants are a common procedure and the process should only take 10 to 15  minutes to implant them. Most people are given local anesthesia.  While the injection of the anesthesia may be a little painful a person will be numb during the procedure. The mouth may be a little sore afterwards.


Q: How long do dental implants last?

A: The implants can last a lifetime if they are cared for. If the tooth becomes chipped a person should see their dentist so they can have the bone around the implant examined.


Q: What are dental implants?

A: These implants are made to look like a tooth and are implanted to take the place of the tooth in the mouth. They are often made from titanium.


Q: How does the dental implant procedure work?

A: If a dentist recommend dental implants they will give a person local anesthesia. They will then insert the dental implant under the gum. The dental implant has a screw-like object attached to it for easy insertion. The dental implant will be placed on the upper or the lower jawbone. After a few months the jaw bone and the dental implant will fuse together. This will create an anchor for a new tooth to be inserted.


Q: What are the benefits of dental implants?

A: Dental implants can look and will work like natural teeth. They can decrease bone loss in the jaw and tooth movement. These implants can replace a tooth that is missing.


Q; Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

These implants are good for most people. There may be some exceptions for those that have medical conditions such as a chronic illness or heart disease. A person will need to speak to their family doctor and dentist before having this procedure.