Benefits of Permanent Implants- A Life Like Tooth Replacement Option


Permanent teeth implants in modern dental healthcare have undergone major modifications to feature state of the art technology that makes the entire replacement process a huge success. Dentists are now able to achieve better patient outcomes in their professional practice by availing efficacious dental solutions more so, in tooth replacement.


The natural appeal of a patient’s smile and face structure should last them a lifetime and this is the precise outcome achieved by our innovative line of permanent teeth implants. Comfort and practicality are top priorities in our inspired innovation process. The range of permanent implants offered has transformed how seasoned dentists go about basic tooth replacement procedures. This is facilitated by strategic resources from Cortex that let them avail upgraded solutions to even special conditions that were traditionally deemed unfit for a procedure.  


Merits of Using Permanent Teeth Implants

Built for Resilience. Permanent implants are designed for the long run and with proper care, they last for decades on end. This makes them preferential to other tooth replacement alternatives. Dentures and dental bridges may have a low installation cost but with the frequency at which they have to be replaced, they accumulate cost. To the patients, short term tooth replacement solutions are tasking and hard to adjust to.


Complements Natural Facial Attributes and Bone Structure. Jaw bone resorption and the resultant deterioration after tooth loss is effectively prevented by permanent implants. Unlike dental bridging, there is no need to trim neighbouring teeth. The implants even out the load on other teeth which is necessary for the preservation of tooth tissues and jaw bone. Muscles are well supported letting a patient maintain their facial appeal hence saving them from premature ageing.


Guaranteed Success Rate. Proactive dental care facilities that keep up with innovative trends from Cortex record a perfect track record in their daily obligations. Dental implant technology is transforming by the day giving rise to a generation of proficient healthcare practitioners with permanent solutions that are validated by science.


They Fit Seamlessly. Permanent teeth implants cannot be told apart from natural teeth. When installed by a dental expert, they work just like natural teeth and their presence does not agitate a patient in the long run. This gives your patients the free will to be expressive and confident without the inhibitions caused by having loose dentures that pose a threat of falling out.


They do not Affect Speech Patterns. Just like they enhance a patient’s ability to chew permanent implants help retain the true level of articulacy when speaking. Articulate speakers rely on their facial expressions and body cues to convey message and emotion effectively. Permanent implants help restore this attribute after losing teeth.


Eliminates Chances for Gum Disease. After losing teeth, sensitive parts of a patient’s dental structure are exposed leaving them susceptible to infections. Permanent implants seal up the gaps giving your patients the discretion to eat freely without giving up their favourite foods.


Cutting edge permanent teeth implants featured in the Magix, Dynamix, Smart 1piece, Saturn, Easy2Fix and Classix categories are simply futuristic in function and offer maximum convenience to dentists as well as all classifications of patients.