Tooth filling is a dental procedure that seeks to reinstate a tooth to its pristine condition just as it was before incurring damage. For a professional dentist, tooth filling comes in handy in repairing cavities which if left unmanaged grow bigger leading to further complications. The procedure is applicable for minor and major dental conditions such as repairing cracked, fractured and decayed teeth. As a skilled dentist, your key objective is to have very sound strategies that work to eliminate the need for tooth extractions and root canal for your valued patients. Our company is forever your trusted partner in availing high quality, futuristic and user-friendly products and services to facilitate a top of the line dentistry service.
Tooth filling lets your patients maintain an impressionable physical appeal which boosts their confidence when presenting themselves in social circles. There is power in a full smile and tooth filling lets you save careers and the social life of multiple people by preserving their natural look and dental orientation. The filling process utilizes either of the following components: Amalgam, composite resin, and the porcelain or gold inlays. Amalgam is not best suited for large fillings as it results to a weak tooth structure but is a relatively popular silver filling. Composite resin has a more natural appeal making it a preferred choice while the porcelain materials is a sturdier tooth replacement option for patients with extreme conditions. The most involving part of the tooth filling procedure is the removal of tooth decay which is made easier by the 1.50 mm starter drill. We recommend this particular drill because of its maneuverability in cutting through a patient’s enamel singling out the decay. It helps you achieve the desired space to be filled out in a tooth. 
Tooth filling is necessary after a patient suffers a traumatic event that impacts their dental formula. Patients with an active life are prone to sports injury or accidents resulting in chipped or fractured teeth. This is why you should always recommend a mouth guard for dental patients actively engaged in sporting activities. Tooth filling is also necessary for teeth subjected to decay over time. This is a very common condition especially for people with inconsistent oral hygiene practices. Accumulation of acid in the mouth caused by ingesting sugary foods wears out the enamel leading to cavities. Cavities need to be managed early before they progress to the pulp hence affecting the sensitive nerves in a tooth’s interior. Some patients are naturally predisposed to some defects in their teeth or gums. Such inherent complications are as a result of genetics or nutrition and can be remedied by a simple tooth filling procedure.
The filling process is similar for all these complications but the choice of material used largely depends on a patient’s budget and preference. You should always encourage routine dental checkups for your patients in order to correct any complications at their inception when they can be easily managed. Proper routine hygiene practices should also be emphasized for the preservation of one’s dental formula.