At Cortex, we take a team approach that has allowed us to develop an array of innovative products. Our products are designed for dentists, by dentists. We understand their needs at a greater level, ensuring that all of our clients have exactly what they need to make a difference within the industry, and for their patients.
Our R&D department is eager to assist in the event of problems during utilization and when any misunderstanding occurs during surgery, solutions are found within hours.
Collaboration with dental surgeons around the world is the big idea of CORTEX which leads to constant improvement of the system to become better and better as we are open to any idea or modification that leads to simplification of surgical procedures.
A wide range of implants designed for basic utilization as Dynamix or Classix implants reinforced by special designs, the Saturn and the Easy2fix are the best parts of the firm because they are constantly looking for solutions and launching new systems for security such as the stoppers for drilling, and there are more products to come.
We conduct premium presentation of all types of implants across the world, while cooperating with leading institutes and academies around the world.
Our goal is to work behind the scenes to ensure that dentists have all of the necessary equipment to not only get the job done but to do so quickly and efficiently.