According to numerous sources market research, the future of dental implants seems to be extremely bright and the dental implants market is expected to grow significantly during the upcoming years. Being one of the most important patents in the history of dentistry, dental implants provide a solution that is absolutely second to none. They are planned and designed to replace teeth in aperfect manner and there are new patents that make them even better and moreeffective.

It’s a fact – almost 70% of adults at the age of 35-44 lack at least one tooth and more than a quarter of the population that is older than 74 have no teeth left at all. This is an extremely big potential market, so the probability that the demand for dental implants will grow exponentially is very high. There are many different reasons why more and more people are likely to turn dental implants,making manufacturers and distributors busier than ever. Dental implants are recognized as the best choice by many specialists and they are approved by the vast majority of patients who use them.

Another important reason why dental implants are expected to become more popular is the fact that they don’t detract from the appearance of their users. No matter how old you are, you always want to look healthy and youthful, and dental implants look the same as perfectly healthy teeth do, contrary to unattractive alternatives, such as bridges and dentures. When all is said and done, many people would prefer to avoid the discomfort that is caused by them.

Technology continues to progress and dental implants are no exception to the rule. They are developed by some of the most qualified professionals in the world of medicine and new discoveries are being made all the time. The success rates for implants are already extremely high and this fact alone should turn dental implantation into a preferred procedure. Nowadays, implantation is available even for those who could not take advantage of it a decade ago, due to not having enough jawbone. Other possibilities, such as instant implantation after teeth extraction, which was considered impossible in the past, are available nowadays and one can be sure that they will become the new standard in the future.

When talking about the future of dental implants, it’s safe to say that not only does this patent seem to have a promising future and can be considered a great opportunity for all sides involved (manufacturers, doctors, distributors and last but not least – patients), but dental implants are the future of dentistry itself. Dental implants keep improving consistently and thus all the related factors are expected to improve as well. Faster procedure completion, shorter recovery period, increased monetary coverage provided by insurance companies and easy access to implantation are goals that have already been reached. These achievements are likely to serve as a foundation for a thriving future for the dental implants industry and for dentistry as a whole.