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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are innovative professional, and employ some of the top specialists within our industry. Get the inside story as to who we are, to better understand the Cortex brand.

Our Factory - Culture & Diversity

Our culture is unlike the other dental implant companies. Cortex dental implants have been created by doctors, for doctors. We are managed and operated by leading experts within the dental industry, so that the primary focus throughout our business model is to provide affordable dental implants that truly perform.
We are a group of diverse people, and this makes it possible for us to be genuinely innovative. We have a state of the art production facility as well as team members that truly care about what goes on here. Each one of our team members strives to provide revolutionary products, and this has led us to become one of the premier dental implant manufacturers around the globe.
Our team consists of professionals from such fields as prosthodontics, periodontics, and maxillofacial surgery. This allows us to consider all aspects of the mouth when creating a dental implant.

Innovation at Cortex

At Cortex, we have a phenomenal research and development team that is always working to create unparalleled implant systems that make it easier for doctors to implement/utilize and for patients to receive a higher level of dental care. We have engineering creativity and experience that brings about the best performance all the while producing the easiest and most cost effective solutions on the market.   
We work to create:
  • Prosthetic dental products
  • Dental implants
  • Dental surgical kits
  • Dental surgical instruments
Our dental lab equipment is state of the art, allowing us to produce some of the best systems and test them out to their fullest extent prior to launching to the general public. This allows us to focus on quality so that we become a dental implant company that can be trusted by doctors and dentists around the globe as a logical and viable solution.
Our trust has been measured in countless ways.
Our doctors and engineers have worked hand in hand to create dental implants that are scientifically proven to be strong.
We hold a variety of patent-pending products and we continue to challenge ourselves in terms of what our implants can do, and what can be done for the patient. This has led us to such things as a the Saturn implant structure that can actually improve D5 bone implantation as well as increase stability.

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