What is the Cortex Royal Club?

Cortex Royal Club is a loyalty program where Cortex customers earn credits every time they purchase a Cortex implant.
It is the first and only rewards program in the dental implant industry,
and continues Cortex's tradition of bringing innovation and customer focus in everything we do.
No hassle, no fee and no additional purchase is necessary-simply sign up on the Cortex Royal Club website,
register the Cortex products you have purchased, earn credits and enjoy our exciting offers

What can you get with Cortex Royal Club credits?

As our loyal and royal customer, you deserve only the very best.
With that in mind, we gathered some of the most luxurious, prestigious and quality items for you to choose from:
luxurious watches by top brands, prestige jewelries and diamonds,
 specials pens, sport car, vacation packages, implantology courses and much more.
You can also use your credits towards more Cortex implants or surgical kits for your clinic.

Let's see how it works

Actually, it is quite simple! First, Join Cortex Royal club and create your account, by filling in your personal and company information.
Second, start earning credits by continuing purchase more of Cortex innovative implants.
 Last, redeem the credits you earned for our well-selected luxurious and prestigious gifts.

How many credits do you get with each purchase of implants?

The value of credits depends on your membership level, which is determined by the number of implants you purchased.
The more implants you buy, more credits you get for each additional implant.
  • Silver level (From 1 to 7000 credits), each implant earns 14 credits
  • Gold level (from 7001 to 35000 credits), each implant earns 28 credits
  • Platinum Level (from 35001 to 98000 credits), each implant earns 42 credits
  • Presidential Level (from 98001 credits), each implant earns 56 credits

Why should I become a Cortex Royal Club member?

Cortex Royal Club is really something you want to be a part of. There is no hassle, and it’s free! You simply join, earn credits for your purchases and redeem one or more from our luxurious gifts. So sign up today and start earning your way to some amazing rewards!
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