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Corkit Premium with tooling

The Corkit Prime surgicl kit is used for placement of all cortexs implants. Prior to use, clean and aterilize the surgical tray&instruments according to the instruction stated in Appendix 1. Surgical assistance should be familiar with all instruments and More Info

Ø Color Coding

White - Ø3.00 mm
Yellow - Ø3.30 mm
Red- Ø3.80 mm
Blue Ø4.20 mm
Green- Ø5.00 mm
Black - Ø6.00 mm
Gold - Ø3.00 mm
Turquoise- Ø3.30 mm, Ø3.80 mm, Ø4.20 mm
Pink- Ø5.00 mm, Ø6.00 mm
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