Used for placement of all Cortex Dental Implants

Synthe-Bone is a range of bone replacement products made of Tricalcium β-Phosphate

Ideal for soft or regenerated bone D4 / D5

Minimally Invasive Implant Integrated System For Edentulous

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Cortex variable prosthetic solutions, provides clinicians with all the needed tools for fixed screw retained, cemented, and removable restorations.

A vast assortment of different abutments with various angles, makes the selection process easy resulting in increased compatibility for the desired final restoration.

High quality production, provides meticulous precision between the implants and restorative components.

Internal hexagonal connection, has the same 3.5 mm platform for all implant diameters.

Conical connection components, are marked with colors which correspond to the marking on the platform.

Ø Color Coding

White - Ø3.00 mm
Yellow - Ø3.30 mm
Red- Ø3.80 mm
Blue Ø4.20 mm
Green- Ø5.00 mm
Black - Ø6.00 mm
Gold - Ø3.00 mm
Turquoise- Ø3.30 mm, Ø3.80 mm, Ø4.20 mm
Pink- Ø5.00 mm, Ø6.00 mm
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