Used for placement of all Cortex Dental Implants

Synthe-Bone is a range of bone replacement products made of Tricalcium β-Phosphate

Ideal for soft or regenerated bone D4 / D5

Minimally Invasive Implant Integrated System For Edentulous

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Dental Implants

dental implants

Cortex dental implants are uniquely designed to provide ideal primary stability in various clinical situations, in all types of bone.

The macro-geometry of our implants, allows less bone preparation, more bone preservation, resulting in high torque insertion, better primary stability and a more predictable success rate, with any surgical approach: two stage, one stage, immediate replacement,and immediate loading.

The micro-geometry of Cortex Implants, increase the surface area of the implant 4 times more, allowing better adhesion of the fibrin filaments and improving the osteo-conductivity of the implant's surface. Several dental implant designs provide solutions for any bone types for any kind of final restorations.


Cortex implant packaging solutions, includes two different types of packages for any surgical approach.
The Prime Package includes the Implant and the cover screw, designed for submerged procedures or surgical procedures which include GBR. View Catalogue


Ideal for dense bone D1 / D2 which can be used in any surgical procedures – two stages, one stage, immediate loading, and flapless for all types of ridges. Can be placed in the healed bone or immediate replacement after extraction. View Catalogue


Ideal for soft or regenerated bone D4 / D5. This implant is designed to increase primary stability in cases of immediate replacement after extraction or in cases of sinus elevation. Also, can act as rescue implant in cases of failed implantation. View Catalogue

One Piece

Ideal Implant for narrow ridges or inter-dental narrow spaces. Designed as one piece implant with no micro-gap with excellent biological width adaptation. Fast and easy insertion with a minimally invasive technique and immediate function. View Catalogue


A unique dental implant system which allows guided implantation with a minimally invasive technique and stabilizing the overdenture with a pre-fabricated dolder-bar.
Perfect solution for elderly patients with full rehabilitation in only a one hour session. View Catalogue

Ø Color Coding

White - Ø3.00 mm
Yellow - Ø3.30 mm
Red- Ø3.80 mm
Blue Ø4.20 mm
Green- Ø5.00 mm
Black - Ø6.00 mm
Gold - Ø3.00 mm
Turquoise- Ø3.30 mm, Ø3.80 mm, Ø4.20 mm
Pink- Ø5.00 mm, Ø6.00 mm
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