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Cortex Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Orlando Alvarez

DDS, University of Chile
Master Degree in Implants and Oral Rehabilitation, University Andrés Bello
Clinical training in the Branemark System; Valdivia Clinic; with the patronage of the Branemark Osseointegration Center.
Clinical training in different areas of implant dentistry; Implants and Periodontics (UCLA), Implant Surgery (Loma Linda School of Dentistry) Guided Surgery (Katolieke Universiteit Leuven).
Diplomate Degree, Health Institutions Management; Economics Faculty; University of Chile.
Diplomate Degree, Executive & Marketing Management; Economics Faculty; Catholic University of Chile.
Member, Chilean Prosthesis Society. More

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Chile in 2000, where he received his degree in Dentistry and the title of dental surgeon. He received his postgraduate training at the University Andres Bello with the degree of Master in Dentistry specializing in Periodontics and Implantology graduating in July 2005. More

Prof. Jorge Jofré

Education: Dental Surgeon, University of Concepcion, Chile 1989. Ph.D, Department
of Prosthodontics Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen,
Germany. Clinical training in Perio-Prosthetics, University of Tübingen,
Germany in 1996. Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics and Oral
Implantology by the National Council for Accreditation of Specialties in Chile.
Professional Profile: Founder and Director of the Center for Advanced Prosthodontics
and Implant Dentistry- CRAI of the University of Concepcion Chile.
Head of the Advanced Program in Implantology at the University of Concepcion’s
School of Dentistry, since 1996.
Director of Advanced Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry Specialization Program,
University of Concepcion, Chile, 2002 to Present. More

Dr. Zeev Ormianer

Dr. Ormianer earned his dental degree (1988) at Tel-Aviv University. He continued on at Tel-Aviv University to complete his clinical training in management of TMJ disorders (1991) and the post-graduate prosthodontics program (1996).

Dr. Ormianer is a lecturer and director of the Implant & Esthetic Center of the Oral Rehabilitation Department in the University.

Dr. Ormianer is a member of numerous professional organizations and he is the founder and past president of the Israeli Association of Oral Implantology, board member of the Israel Society of Prosthodontics and is a member of the editorial board of Implant Dentistry.

In his private practice Dr. Ormianer concentrates mainly on implant prosthodontics and has published more that 20 articles on this topic in various dental journals. Dr. Ormianer has lectured internationally in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. More

Dr. Henriette Lerner

Sept 1985 - June 1990 Doctor Medic.(D.M.D)
University of Medicine, Temeschburg
Faculty of Dentistry, Romania

January 1990 - July 1993 Oral Surgery Training
Fortbildungsak Academy,
Karlsruhe, Germany

July 1993 Private Dental Practice - Implantology, Periodontology and Esthetic Dentistry
Bruchsal, Germany

1995 Training Harvard Week

May 1998 DGZI Implantology Specialist

Sept 2002 ICOI Diplomate

Sept 2004 DGOI Implantology Expert More

Prof. Dr. Dr. József Piffkó

Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Hungary
Vice-Dean of Faculty of Dentistry - University of Szeged, Hungary
Editorial Board member of a Hungarian Medical Journal called as Fogorvosi Szemle
Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology; Master of Education of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster, Germany
- President of Hungarian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 2009
- President of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Professional Colleges, 2011
organization providing education and training: Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary 1988, Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary 1984. More

Dr. Bill – Zhou Wentao

Periodontal Medicine Master
Visiting scholar at Dentistry Academy of Columbia University
Research students of University of Pennsylvania- Implant Center
Chinese expert consultant for Israel implant system - Cortex
Shanghai Training Center Authorized Training Instructor for Israel implant system - Cortex More

Dr. Meir Mamraev, DMD,. LLB,.

Graduated from Dental school of Iasi University in 1992 and Law school of Ono College in 2005.
One of the founder of Cortex company. Senior Vice President of research and Development
at Cortex dental implants industries LTD.
Head of postgraduate training programs and academical activities of Cortex.
Worldwide lecturer as well as an owner of a private dental practice in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Dr. Zvi Laster D.M.D

Former Head of the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery,
The Padeh-Poriya Medical Center, Tiberias Israel.(2002-2014).
In 1973 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, at the Hebrew University, in Jerusalem. Specializing in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Poriya Hospital, Tiberias, Israel, and Queen Victoria Hospital East-Grinstead, England, and completed his specialization in 1980. Served as president of the Israeli Society for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery between 2001-2004. Awarded Senior lecturer at the Medicine Faculty of Bar Ilan University in Israel. Over the years, Dr. Laster has invented and developed 20 innovative surgical instruments and techniques for fracture fixation; Introduced a special new implant for post extraction immediate loading as well as an implant for implantation in the resorbed posterior maxilla without the need for sinus floor lifting and bone filling. In addition, he invented two special alveolar crest distractors. Dr. Laster authored 7 Chapters in 6 books and 29 articles in numerous publications and is frequently invited to various centers, pr More

Dr. Sammy Pour

Dr. Sammy Pour completed his dental education in Jerusalem Hadassah Medical Center School of Dentistry in 1974. After three years of general practice in dentistry he began his internship in oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1977 at Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya. During his internship, in 1982 & 1983, he completed two years of fellowship in oral & maxillofacial surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital in England. In 1985 he became an oral & maxillofacial surgeon consultant. Since 2002 he has been Deputy Head of the Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya . He is also the official examiner of the Israeli Scientific Council for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery graduates and a member of many national & international organizations including the B.A.O.M.S & I.A.O.M.S. Dr. Pour has 27 years experience in implant surgery, sinus lift procedures & bone augmentations. His latest interest is in osteonecrosis of the jaw related to bisphosphonates upon which he has lectured both nationally and internationally. More

Dr. Oscar Miguel Ramón Morales

Odontology-National University of Colombia
Specialist in Audiovisual pedagogy - El Bosque University
Specialist in comprehensive dentistry in adult (Prosthodontics-Periodontics) - University of Antioquia
Professor associate undergraduate and Faculty of dentistry University of Antioquia
Member active Colombian Association of periodontal and Osseo integration
Member of the ITI (International Team for Implantology)
National and international lecturer
Publications author of scientific articles in the areas of denture and periodontics

Dr. Franck Lasry

Doctor in Dental Surgery, University of Paris V (1974)
Post graduate in Biology ,University of Paris V (1978)
Post graduate in Prosthesis ,University of Paris VII (1981)
Post graduate in clinical dentistry, Boston University USA ( 1983)
Diplomate of Catholic University of Leuwen (Belgium) (1986)
Diplomate of Branemark clinic in Göteborg ( Sweden) (1989)
Doctor in Implant Surgery and Prosthesis, University of Paris V (2000)
In charge of department of Implantology of Hôpital saint Antoine of Paris,since 2001
Scientific responsible of “Implant surgery certificate of Hôpital saint Antoine of Paris”, since 2002
President of « Institut Français d’Implantologie Orale »
Private practice 3, blv saint Germain 75005 Paris More
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