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the only implant for Drill-Less approach


Less drilling, more comfort
Key part of the Cortex Dental Implant System is the
MAGIX Implant – a convenient implant for a drill-less

The Magix Implant is a threaded (single lead) tapered implant with a conical connection, which provides very good sealing in the implantabutment interface, prevents microgaps and offers
superior biomechanical strength.

The combination of its design features allows an easy and fast insertion and a high primary stability.
Magix Implants are self-drilling, self-tapping and
self-condensing and offer considerable advantages
in medium and soft bones.

They lead to denser bone around the implant through bone compressing and support the preservation of bone tissue,
leading to high initial stability and the prevention
of implant spinning.

The drill-less approach guarantees
an improved comfort for both the patient
and the clinician. It reduces the risks arising from
drilling and is an attractive approach especially for
novice practicians.



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