Magix implants are often regarded to as the future in the dental world. These products have been thoroughly researched and produced using top-notch technology making them the best in the market. Magix implants are designed to be self-drilling and self-tapping. These properties make the product the best when dealing with soft bones. Additionally, these implants are compatible with most restorations and are easy to work with.


Increased Stability

Magix implants are designed to be single threaded with a pointed base to make penetration easier. The conical front enable the implant to be installed at ease as the approach does not require extensive drilling. Additionally, this attribute enables the implant to compress the bone hence making the resultant bone much thicker. The implant is more stable when compared to other modernized solutions as all forms of rotation are forefended. In comparison with other implants in the market, Magix implants offer a futuristic approach that is more sustainable and safe.


Less Invasive

Implants that use the drilling approach are sometimes associated with aftermath complications. However, Magix implants are designed to be fixed into the bone with minimal interference on the dental support structure. This aspect reduces the risks attributed with drilling of the bone. Arguably, this characteristic makes the relevance of the drill less approach more desirable as the prevalence of future complications is averted.


User friendliness

Magix implants guarantee comfort of both the patient and clinician. As the procedure of installing the implant is user friendly, as a dental health practitioner you can attend to multiple patients in a day as the approach is more inclined to prosthetic rather than surgical process. Consequently, Magix is greatly recommended for dentists worldwide as it has set a high bar for future inventions in the field of dentistry. Being drill less, your patients enjoy the interactive process as they do not need to suffer from the effects of anesthesia. Arguably, these implants have the best post-surgical feeling compared to other implants.


Adds Value to Bone Structure

Many implants are attributed with complexities during the recovery period. However, Magix implants have been designed with cutting-edge technology such that they not only inhibit these antagonistic interactions but also improve the quality of the bone. This is enhanced through optimal bone condensation. In addition, the implants avert all risks associated with bone perforation. Consequently, the whole process of installation of the Magix implants works to the well-being of the patient.


Natural Appeal

Magix implants are made with top-notch making them quite durable. Under good care, the implants are supposed to last a lifetime. Once they get installed, they become part of your dental structure and hence their stability and eventual durability. Unlike dentures that have to be removed every now and then, these implants are permanently placed. This induces a natural feeling just like that of your very own teeth. For this reason, they are very preferential to many patients.


Magix implants are the future of world class dentistry. It is true to assert that due diligence has been conducted before making this cutting edge technology. The resultant of vast research and collaboration is an implant that has remediated most complications associated with the implant process.