For the last three decades, dental implants have surfaced as the leading tooth replacement option all over the globe, having received a positive feedback from both dentists and patients. Dental implants are known to offer the most durable, long-lasting and natural-looking results compared to any other restoration method. Whether you need to conduct a dental procedure to replace a missing tooth or a whole set, you can never go wrong with Magix implant in reclaiming a smile for your valued patients.

A dental implant is defined as a process whereby small titanium posts are situated directly into the jawbone with the aim of mimicking the root structure of the missing tooth. Once placed, the implant will eventually bond with the surrounding bone similar to a natural root making it easier for you to attach and replace the tooth above the gum line.

How Magix Implants operate and how to make them successful


For starters, Magix implants are fused to a patient’s jawbone with the aim of stabilizing and supporting the artificial teeth. The bridges, as well as dentures, will not slip or shift in the mouth once they are mounted which is very effective when eating as well as speaking. The secure fit ensures that the dentures and brides feel more natural.


For some individuals, regular bridges and dentures are not comfortable or even achievable because of sore sports, gagging as well as deprived ridges. For a dental implant to effectively work, it’s compulsory to attach ordinary bridges to teeth on either side of the space provided by the missing tooth. What makes Magix implants effective and the best is the fact that no adjacent teeth have to be grounded down or prepared to help in holding the new replaced tooth.


To install a Magix implant on a patient, they need to not only possess healthy gums but also have firm bone structure to support the implant. Additionally, patients should be encouraged to commit to keeping the structure healthy. For the dental implant to be successful, there are few steps that need to be taken to ensure the implant lasts long. Such include:


·         Making regular dental appointments: Always encourage patients to book appointments in order to get their implants examined and cleaned at least every six months. This ensures that the implant is in good condition and continues to sustain its optimal function.


·         Excellent oral hygiene at all time: Observing oral hygiene entails brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once every day. For Magix implants to be clean, we recommend the use of inter-dental brushes or brushes that are able to slide between the teeth as this will help access hard to reach surfaces around the implant.


·         Restrain from hard foods: Advice patients to stay clear from chewing hard items such as candy or ice to prevent their installations from breaking the crown.


·         Avoid smoking: Smoking has been known to weaken a patient’s bone structure and can contribute to implants failure.

With Magix implants, you are more than guaranteed of reclaiming your picture perfect smile. Always advice patients to safeguard their implants with the proper dental hygiene practices.